Welcome to my blog….

Hi, welcome to my blog. This is where I will be posting hints, tips, and strategies to help you get the score you want in the IELTS, for writing and speaking in particular. As well as this, I will be writing about other exams such as the PTE, TOEFL, OET, and the Cambridge suite (CPE,… Continue reading Welcome to my blog….


Problem/solution essay..Band 9.0 Example..

Another student request essay...take a look, any questions, you can join me on FB here.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/prepareielts9.0/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SNR-hZbKoY&feature=youtu.be

Why you should get your essays expertly assessed…

In this post I want to talk about something that is very important...why most people taking IELTS don't make use of a correction service, and why this is a bad idea... OK, so, I am in several FB groups, Whatsapp groups, and Telegram channels and one thing I see everyday is that far too many… Continue reading Why you should get your essays expertly assessed…

Speaking Example using Idea Mapping Strategy

In this audio, you will hear me demonstrate the idea mapping method I outlined a couple of weeks ago. The topic card is Describe a website you often browse. You should say: what is it how long have you been using it give details information about the website and explain why you often browse this… Continue reading Speaking Example using Idea Mapping Strategy

Overcoming Writer’s Block with Automatic Transcription

Hi, the following is an article by a company I recently spoke to regarding audio transcription services. They have a great app that turns your spoken voice into text, it's pretty good as I have seen. I have tried it a couple of times to turn IELTS speaking session audio into a transcript.really good for… Continue reading Overcoming Writer’s Block with Automatic Transcription

IELTS Speaking: Topic Card Method

Something new for you this week, I have been conducting live training sessions recently on both writing and speaking with members of my Whatsapp and Facebook groups (links in blue). In this particular training, I outline a method for tackling the topic card in IELTS speaking, I introduce a method and the participants practice it.… Continue reading IELTS Speaking: Topic Card Method

Join me on Whatsapp!….

Hi, just a quick announcement, I now have a Whatsapp group for PrepareIELTS. This is where you can interact with me directly and ask qs, get advice, and have access to my exclusive live training sessions for writing and speaking...you can join with this link.. And of course, you can always join my Facebook group..right… Continue reading Join me on Whatsapp!….

Not another Band 7.0+ Essay?..well, no..

Hello, time for another video. This one is basically the same as the last one, not by choice I should say. I keep reading comments on essays in these free IELTS groups on FB by people who have no idea what they are talking about. This is bad, giving people false hope that their writing… Continue reading Not another Band 7.0+ Essay?..well, no..

Why this Band 7.0 essay is really band 5.0..

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvaE1BAB8iU&feature=youtu.be Just made this video in response to a posting in the IELTS9.0 free preparation FB group...in it, someone had posted an essay and other group members had claimed this was a Band 7.0. The author was delighted naturally, however, when I read it, it was obvious that the essay was at most a 5.0.… Continue reading Why this Band 7.0 essay is really band 5.0..