Free online webinar, Fri 19th January: How to perfect your task response for the IELTS essay task


Hello, I am inviting you to attend my online webinar this coming Friday. This is something I have been doing for a while with my partner site and for the first time with my partner school in Slovakia,, and I would now like to extend this offer to you all. How it works is this, the broadcast will be made using  which is a free conferencing platform. You install it using the link. then on Friday click on the link I will share here, or type in the meeting ID you see on the picture above. That’s it. You will come straight to the broadcast.

So, the topic for this week will be the number one reason a lot of you get low writing scores for your essay, Task Response. That is to say, all things being equal in terms of grammar vocab, etc, a lot of students get a low score as they simply fail to answer the question adequately. We will talk about this in the broadcast and I will demonstrate what that means and how to avoid it. Also, I will be open to questions, so if you have any you will be free to ask.

I hope to meet you there, if you have any questions about zoom and how to join us, then you can mail me at