Writing Correction Service

writing correction service

After several requests, I have decided to offer a new service, writing correction. How it works is this…You pick one of the task 1 and 2 options I will send to you. You write it, then I will send back a detailed report that shows your errors, offers suggestions, corrections,  a full breakdown of your score by criteria, and with a band 9.0 example for your further study.

You can download a sample here Untitled 1

And here Untitled 2

This is the general idea, and a Band 9.0 Sample essay/Task 1 will be attached along with a structure file. You can download a sample here Essay Sample

How much is this service, you ask?…10 Euros per task (via PayPal) ..That’s all, and you get 24/7 support via Whatsapp, and you can join my exclusive Facebook group for more help and advice…So, if you are interested, and as this is a personal service, you should write to me personally and we can talk about your needs, your scores, what you have done in preparation, and I can suggest a study strategy for you for all four skills, not just writing.

You can write to me anytime for advice or help to kevin@prepareielts.com